For every $1 spent, you can expect $42 in return

Email marketing continues to deliver a strong return on investment.

The average open rate of a welcome email is 82%

Welcome emails have great potential.

Sending 3 abandoned cart emails results in 69% more conversions

The power of automated follow-up emails.

Adding videos to your email can increase click rates by 300%

Interactive emails are the way forward.


Fully integrate your new email marketing solution with your website and registration platform.


Your email marketing solution should do the work for you. Let your automated email funnels work so you don’t have to. 


Never miss a potential customer because you have the systems in place to catch everyone who expresses interest. 


Email your audience based on their specific interest. Send targeted emails to specific groups of people with the click of a button. 


Krystan Rose

Krystan is a professional dancer turned backend operations, studio guru. She is an expert in automation and a believer in “no lead left behind”. Minimize your efforts and maximize your return with Krystan’s email marketing systems. Stop leaving money on the table


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As the Operations Manager of our business, Krystan has been a key driver of our success. Not only does she run all our business operations independently, but she is incredible with learning new systems and software. There have been many instances where our company has adopted new software, and Krystan not only learns it independently, but quickly becomes an expert in it, and teaches others on our team as well. She has been – in short – a lifesaver with this! Krystan is incredibly professional, committed, and wonderful in working with clients and colleagues. She is everything we could ask for to run our business smoothly.  As a business owner, I’m always looking at ROI, and Krystan has been one of the best returns on my investment I have ever made!Brittany CitronBrittany CitronFounder, PROnatal Fitness
"Steve Jobs famously said that ‘Great things in business are never done by one person' and BFS would not be successful without Krystan who performs many of our essential behind-the-scenes tasks flawlessly, on-time and on budget."Julian BarnesJulian BarnesCEO, Boutique Fitness Solutions

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