3 Things You Can Do Right Now to Book a Client

You’ve been trying to start your Virtual Assistant business but have not had any luck finding clients. You’ve been marketing your business and growing your audience but you are not getting any leads. What to do?

I’m sharing three things you can do right now, to boost your visibility and better your chances of booking a client. Now, these tips are not going to seal the deal. You still have to charm the potential client through the discovery call and negotiation process, but finding the potential client is half the battle.

These three tips are not only going to immediately increase your visibility, but they will grow your network for the long-run.

  1. Connect with as many people you can in your niche on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is my number 1 networking resource. You can search for any industry or job title and literally find hundreds of thousands of people that are working in that field. Connect. Connect. Connect. People on LinkedIn are expecting to connect with others they do not know so it’s 100% acceptable for you to connect with any and all people. Before you do this, make sure your job title is listed as “Virtual Assistant for [Industry]”. This will let people know you can help them. Who knows, someone may actually reach out to you before you reach out to them. Now from here, you have 2 options, you can either message them directly on LinkedIn or you can email them. Draft a generic message you can send to new connections. Introduce yourself and explain your interest in their business. Tell them how you can be of assistance, where to find more information, and how to get in touch to discuss possibilities further. Chances are most people will ignore your message, but you only need 1 response to get you a new potential client.
  2. Message businesses you admire on Instagram. Just as with LinkedIn, in order to get a new client, your new client needs to find you first. Instagram is a great way to connect directly with businesses, especially smaller businesses who may need assistance outsourcing things such as social media. Same as you did with LinkedIn, create a draft response that you can send to multiple businesses. Make sure to personalize the message with why you are interested in said business and how you can assist them. The more businesses you reach out to, the greater your chances of a response are.
  3. Reach out to the network you already have. Your friends and family are a huge source of potential leads. Maybe they don’t personally have a need for a Virtual Assistant, but they may know someone else who does. Chances are you have probably posted on Facebook about your new venture asking for people to reach out if they need help. But, as we know, most people are not going to take the first step to engage in conversation. Take on the task yourself to personally message your friends and family, sharing your new endeavor and asking for them to introduce you to anyone they may know who needs assistance. This message should be confident, professional, and direct. And if they don’t know anyone to connect you with, ask them to like or follow your social media pages. The more eyes on your marketing the more exposure you will get.

Like I said above, these are not going to sign your first client. They won’t even automatically schedule a discovery call. But, growing your network is the first step towards getting that discovery call and signing the new client. Without a network and exposure, you will never find any new clients.

Now, if you want to find your ideal client, the client that works in the industry that makes you excited to wake up and hustle every day, make sure you are connecting with your ideal client. Don’t message every business you can find, connect with any ole’ business owner, or apply for every remote job listing you find. If you do this, you will be stuck completing data entry for a business setting rotten tomatoes (don’t ask… it was the first thing that came to mind!). Really be intentional about who you connect with and create relationships.

Relationships are what creates trust and trust will help sign on new clients.

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