60 Day Full-Time Work at Home Update

I made it 60 days! Two whole months as a full-time work at home entrepreneur and I feel fantastic! It wasn’t necessarily easy, and still every day I feel challenged by something or another. But I wouldn’t trade this experience for the world.

The month of September was my highest grossing month as a Virtual Assistant yet! It was also my first month of actually writing monetary goals (and crushing them), so I am buying into the belief of manifesting what you want. I highly recommend writing down your goals at the beginning of each month and tracking your progress as you go.

A few things I’ve learned over the past 60 days:

Insurance Is Everything

When I decided to make the switch to full-time work at home and part-time job at lululemon, I knew one significant change was going to be my medical insurance. I had fully accepted I would lose my insurance as soon as I dropped my status at lulu and would have to pay the Cobra fees to stay insured through the remainder of the year ($400!).

To my surprise, I didn’t lose my medical insurance (I did lose dental & vision.. but I survive). Due to an amazing new policy of lululemon’s I can stay insured under their medial plan for the time being. I am unsure of how long I will be able to maintain this status, but for now, I’m not questioning it.

On a side-note: One of the main reasons I am continuing to stay working at lulu (besides for the amazing people I work with and forcing myself to get out of the house) is because lulu allows their part-time employees to contribute to a 401k. Another thing to consider when making the leap. 

This is the number 1 thing I would tell anyone to consider before making the switch to working at home full-time. Insurance in today’s world is expensive, confusing, and challenging to get. Make sure you have a plan in place if you are thinking about making the switch.

Have a Dedicated Work Space

Yea, sometimes I work from the couch, Starbucks, or even my bed. But having a dedicated office space has been a game changer. On days where I’m feeling extra unmotivated or sleepy, I can typically keep myself going by sitting my behind at my desk.

A dedicated workspace not only keeps you more motivated, but it also makes you feel more professional when having video calls with clients. Being able to close my office door when necessary is majorly important.

Set Boundaries

This is one I’m still working on and will always be working on, but setting boundaries with your clients is so important when I am now a full-time work at home Virtual Assistant. I cannot mentally be available 24/7 for my clients regardless of if I am actually at home near my computer. I need to be able to switch work on and off when necessary for my mental well-being.

Don’t answer emails or text messages after a certain time. Don’t jump on a task after dinner because you accidentally read your email and saw an urgent request from a client. If your clients know your availability and have agreed that it will work with their needs, do not jump on every request. Allowing this will train them that this is acceptable and it will happen over and over again.

Have a Set Schedule, but Be Flexible When Necessary

This ties into my last point of setting boundaries…  you also need to set when you will be working and stick to it. If you want to be that traditional 9-5 availability; go for it, but let your clients know and be consistent. If you’re going to start work at 9 am you cannot allow yourself sleep in until 9 am. You must hold yourself accountable.

That being said, the reason we all want to be your own bosses is to have flexibility. So allow yourself the flexibility to take an afternoon off to get your nails done or grab lunch, but be aware that may mean you need to work a little later that day.

The past 60 days have been a massive success in my book. I was terrified to make the leap because of the uncertainty and inconsistency that being your own boss brings. But so many doors that I’ve opened would still be shut if I didn’t close my eyes and take the leap. Amazing things can happen when you have trust in your ability to do the work and hustle a little harder.

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