A Day In the Life of Me

I get a lot of questions about what my day-to-day life looks like while working at home. I’m going to be honest, it’s not glamorous, and it’s not exciting, but I like to think it’s unique so I figured I would share a bit on what my schedule looks like and how I manage my schedule.

Because I am my own boss, I do have a lot of flexibility in my daily work schedules, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have clients that give me deadlines or people waiting for responses on emails. For those reasons, I do try to have a fairly consistent daily schedule that allows for flexibility here or there when I have an appointment or other commitment I would like to make happen.

My weekly schedule looks as such:

Monday – Thursday: Work from Home

Friday: Work from Home Half-day/Work at my Part-Time Job

Saturday: Part-Time Job

Sunday: Day Off

Now, eventually my goal is to be able to drop the part-time job, but for right now I enjoy having a reason to get out of my home office and interact with real people. Plus the discounts are a huge perk (#lululemon!).

During my Work at Home Week my days look somewhat like this:

6 – 7 am: Wake up, trying to wake up closer to 6 am, but 7 am is the time I am comfortable waking up. I am a sleeper. I love sleep so waking up early is not easy for me. Trying to get better at this!

7 – 8 am: Morning Routine, get dressed, drink a full glass of water, check in on social media, etc

8 – 9 am: Workout, I have to start my day with a workout. It’s just necessary for my well-being.

9 – 11 am: Shower, Get Ready, Eat Breakfast

11 am – 2 pm: Work, this is my first massive chunk of work time that I focus on each day. I try to get my “frogs” (things I’m not looking forward to) out of the way so the remainder of my day can be easier.

2 – 3 pm: Lunch break

3 – 7 pm: Work, back to work to finish up the day. I finish my client work and typically work on my own personal business tasks last. I try to shut down work by about 7 pm, but sometimes It may go a little later as I’m very easily distracted.

Like I said earlier, the perks of being your own boss means that you do have the flexibility to change your schedule around without getting permission when necessary. So I will often start working earlier or stay working later if I have an appointment or something that requires me to step away for a while. I make sure I communicate with my clients when I will be unavailable.

Something that I struggle with is staying focused for long periods while I am working at home. I often get distracted by various personal tasks or things around the house that take time away from my productivity. To minimize these distractions, I try to focus on my to-do list each day and getting that done and out of the way. Helps me to visualize the amount of work I still have to do to stay focused on those goals. Project managers like Asana are also a massive help to me.

Working from home has always been a goal of mine. I like to be my own boss and be my own time-keeper. But, after a year of doing so, I’ve learned that it’s not always as easy as it sounds. Being your own boss means keeping yourself in line as you have no one else to make sure you stay on task. It’s a learning process, one that you will continually improve every single week.

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