The What, Why & How of Welcome Emails

Jul 30, 2021

Let's talk welcome emails.

Even if you don't know what the term "welcome email" means, you've probably been the recipient of a welcome email many times in your life.

A welcome emails is an email that sends automatically to a subscriber upon subscribing to your email list.

So what is the purpose of a welcome email?

Welcome emails welcome (duh) your new subscriber to your email list. They set the tone for your digital relationship and set expectations for what the subscriber should expect from you moving forward. They also deliver value to your subscriber that can convince them to continue looking for, and even look forward, to your emails.

Why should you send a welcome email?

Welcome emails have significantly higher open rates because 75% of consumers EXPECT a welcome email when subscribing to a new email list. This open rate means welcome emails have extreme potentialwhen it comes to converting potential clients into paid clients.

Another benefit of welcome emails is they train your audience to look for an emailfrom you to be sure that your emails don't go to SPAM. (Let's be honest, we all know SPAM can eat a lot of business emails).

How can you send a welcome email?

The key to a welcome email is that it is automated. It's not something that send manually from your email provider every time you get a new subscriber. A welcome email should be sent immediately upon subscription.

You do this by setting up an automation in an email marketing platform like Convertkit, MailChimp, FloDesk, or similar platform. The best thing is, you set it up once and it will run automatically until you decide to turn it off. How great is that?!?

Think of your welcome email as a free, high-converting marketing tool that, when used correctly, can set your digital relationship with your new subscriber up for success.

Your homework this week is to subscribe to a new email list or two. Did you get a welcome email? How does that welcome email (or lack of welcome email) change your perspective on the company you subscribed to?

Let me know what you find by replying in the comments below. 

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