How can you sell without selling?

Oct 01, 2021

Selling WITHOUT selling or SHARING vs. selling... that was the focus of this week.

It's a hard aspect to comprehend because the goal of any marketing strategy is to sell, right? How can you sell if you're not actually selling?

This is where I introduce the concept of content marketing. Content marketing is building a marketing strategy that focuses on the content you produce, not sales, scare tactics, and promotions.

This all goes back to the topic I preach every day which is building value and trust with your potential clients through educational and valuable content. That value and trust will convert itself into a sale without ever having to offer a promotion or a "last chance" message.

You know as a consumer yourself, you don't like the pushy sales tactics or slimy sales calls. In today's digital world people want to make their sales decisions on their own time. We simply have to provide them with the information they need to be top of mind when they are ready to buy.

How can you do this?


Here are 5 ways you can sell without selling:⁠

  1. SHARE videos of your classes and ways your studio are unique⁠
  2. SHARE a list of reasons why your students love your studio⁠
  3. SHARE an interview with one of your teachers establishing their knowledge and experience⁠
  4. SHARE awards or accolades your studio has received⁠
  5. SHARE parent testimonials as to why they chose your studio⁠

Sharing all of this valuable information builds the like, know, and trust factor of your studio. It builds credibility. It builds familiarity. And it establishes your worth.

This means when your potential client is ready to buy, you don't have to offer a discount because they already know you are well worth the price of your service.

Building your entire marketing strategy around SHARING is going to change your studio's image, profitability, and reputation. All for the better, of course. But you have to buy into the concept whole-heartedly because a half-assed marketing strategy will lead to half-assed results.

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