If you're not doing this on IG, your business is missing out

Oct 08, 2021

Instagram Reels... you've heard of them, you've watched them, but have you created them for your business?

If you just answered no, you're missing out on tremendous growth opportunities.

I've previously mentioned that Instagram has outwardly committed to becoming a platform focused on video content. That means they will prioritize sharing video content with your followers over static graphics and photos.

All of this is to say, you need to be creating video content and Reels is the hip, trendy, and extremely engaging format that is currently all the rage.

Why Reels?

Well, Reels is the Instagram version of Tik Tok and there's nothing Instagram does better than try to keep up with what's currently popular. That means that Instagram is showing Reels to significantly more users than any other form of Instagram content.

What does that mean for you?

More eyes and NEW eyes on your content. More than any hashtags could ever do.

Reels seem intimidating and they are a little scary to get started with, but once you create a few - it's truly not that bad. Just lock yourself in your office and laugh a little at yourself. You'll get over how silly it seems quickly.

Doing scary things for our businesses is something we have to do every day and putting yourself out there in video format can be very scary. But, it's a necessary evil in today's world of digital content marketing.

Start by creating one Reel a week. Work yourself up to 2 to 3 times a week and soon enough you'll be addicted and creating multiple Reels per day.

A great tip I have is to batch-create your Reels. Pick one day per week to set aside time to create all of your Reel content for the week. Save them to a draft on your phone and post at your scheduled time. This is a fantastic way to create all of your content without feeling rushed or like you have to be "camera-ready" every day.

** IMPORTANT** If you save your Reels to a draft, DO NOT LOG OUT OF YOUR IG ACCOUNT. Your drafts will NOT be saved once you log back in.

This week, my challenge to you is this... If you HAVE NEVER created a Reel, create your first Reel. If you HAVE created a Reel, but don't create them consistently, I challenge you to commit to posting 2 to 3. Take note of how many views you get and how it impacts your engagement for the week. I bet you'll be pleasantly surprised.


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