Let's Talk: Email Automation

Sep 24, 2021

Despite what anyone will tell you, email is still #1 in the world of marketing. More conversions, more sales, and more ROI happen with email than any other marketing source.


Probably because people spend A LOT of time in email. Some sources say upwards of 5+ hours a day! (I'm probably more of an "8+ hour per day"er... crazy.)

The facts are:

  1. Nearly every adult has an email address
  2. Nearly every adult checks their email AT LEAST once per day

With stats like that you NEED to be getting in on the email action.

Now, I know the idea of sending emails sounds tedious. I'm sitting here typing this email thinking of all of the other work I need to do, so I get it.

But HERE'S THE DEAL: With email automation, you can write an email once and automatically send that email to your new subscribers based on their date of subscription date.

Picture this... 

A new potential client walks into your studio and asks for some information about classes. You grab their name and email and show them around your studio. When they leave you type their email into your email marketing platform, click a few buttons, add a few tags based on the information they learned, and press "SAVE". Done!

Now you sit back and let the automation do its job.

A few hours later, once the potential client gets home, they receive an email personally thanking them for stopping by and lets them know they can reach out to you via email if any questions arise as they are making a decision. It also includes a link to a blog post on your website with a list of 10 things to consider when choosing a dance studio.

3 days later, the potential client gets an email to their inbox with an invitation to try out a free class for their dancer. Because you were able to learn their child(ren)'s ages, your system is able to send them customized information about which classes are perfect for their dancer(s) automatically.

One week later, the potential client wakes up to another email that sends a fun downloadable coloring book of ballerinas for their child because your system knows they were of the age that would enjoy a fun coloring project.

Now, on a monthly basis, this potential client receives regular emails reminding them of the offer for the free trial class along with other fun and educational items tailored to their child. Because your previous emails were full of valuable content, they open them every month to see what they get every month.

3 months later, soccer has ended and they are ready to add a new activity into their schedule. The potential client remembers your last email and heads back to their inbox. They see the offer for the trial class and book a class for next week. Their child has a blast and they sign up there on the spot. BOOM! Client converted! 

Let me ask you this... How much time would that 3 month follow-up process take if you manually had to do it?

The answer: TOO LONG

I'll be honest, building an email automation funnel is time-consuming. It takes patience, organization, and a lot of writing emails. But this upfront work will pay off for YEARS TO COME. It's a one-and-done system that would only require minor edits and updates over future years.

The ability to follow up with your potential clients for months to come is priceless. It takes work off your plate so you can sit back and watch your leads automatically convert.

The capabilities of an automated email marketing system are amazing and the potential is endless. Once you get started with automating emails, it becomes addicting. Watching your systems work while you sleep will never get old.

If the scenario of this automated email marketing system sounds too good to be true or impossible for you to do on your own, then . I can get this system up and running for your studio in the next 30 days.

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