What if I already have an email marketing system set up?
  • That’s totally okay! In my opinion, Convertkit is the BEST e-mail marketing system for someone on a budget and for someone who wants to prioritize. During our 30-minute consultation call, we can discuss what you like about your current system and see if Convertkit works for you. 
I’ve heard that Convertkit doesn’t allow you to use photos. I like to use graphics in my emails, is that a problem?
  • This is partially true. Convertkit encourages text based emails because those have been proven to have the lowest SPAM ratings. That being said, you can absolutely use a graphic or two in your Convertkit emails.
What is so special about Convertkit?
  • Where do I begin! First of all, Convertkit prides themself on their low SPAM rates and high conversion rates. They take this very seriously and will quickly kick any sender who uses or abuses their email list off their servers to preserve this reputation. On another note, the automation and segmentation opportunities within Convertkit are endless. Plus, there is no tiered pricing for Convertkit and you only pay based on your subscriber number and you get unlimited automations, email sends, etc. No strings attached! 
You say you’ll set up a Zapier connection if it’s applicable, how do I know if I need that?
  • Zapier is amazing but unfortunately doesn’t connect to many dance studio registration platforms yet. If your platform does connect & you want to invest in a Zapier connection, I will help connect that for you so you can have your system even MORE automated.
Who writes the content for my emails?
  • After we walk through every automation and exactly what you want to include in each email, I will handle the content creation for each email. If you want to have a more hands on approach to the email creation you are more than welcome to do so. I will always offer my suggestions.
I am technologically-challenged, am I going to be able to manage this system after it’s launched?
  • YES! After launch, we will have a training session so I can teach you or any of your staff members how to use the entire system. Sending emails in Convertkit is very user friendly and I promise you will be able to get a handle on it. BUT, maybe you just don’t want to… not to worry!  I can continue to work with you with my On-Going Support. I got you covered! 
How do you accept payment?
  • All payments are made via Freshbooks invoicing system. Credit card or bank transfers are accepted. If you are looking for a payment plan, please reach out and we can find a solution that works for you.
What if I’m not happy with the results?
  • First of all I want to say, I will do EVERYTHING in my power to make sure this is not the case. If 30 days after the launch of your email marketing system, you are not happy with the results or something is not working to your liking, we will meet to discuss the issues. I will come up with a plan to correct the problems and find a solution. 
Can I get a refund?
  • Unless I am unable, for some out of my control circumstance, to complete your email marketing package I do not offer refunds. If there is some extenuating circumstance please contact me and we can find a solution. If I am unable to fulfill my end of the contract, I will absolutely refund for the portion of the contract uncompleted.