Let’s Have a Successful Holiday Season

Thanksgiving has come and gone, and that means that Christmas is right around the corner. But because we’re freelancers, that means we always have to work and cannot take time off to spend with friends and family, right? Wrong!

We deserve time off just as much as any salaried or hourly worker, and we are blessed with the fact that we can take as much time off as we want! We just have to prepare a little more for it. How do you plan for a relaxing and stress-free holiday season? Read on.

Plan early.

Start planning your holiday schedule early, at least six months in advance. If you are planning on taking an extended period off from work you need to give your clients as much notice as possible, so they are aware of your schedule changes. You may need to work extra hours leading up to the holiday, but it will be well worth it when you get a little time off.

Save your pennies.

Obviously, as freelancers, we do not get the benefit of Paid Time Off. Or at least we don’t in the traditional sense. But, what we do do is we set our rate of pay, and that means we need to factor our own PTO into that rate. What do I mean? I mean, if you know that you want to be able to take the month of December off from work, you need to account for that pay the remaining 11 months of the year and save a portion of every invoice for your time off. This will allow you to continue to pay yourself during your time off.

Be extra organized.

Leading up to your holiday break you may have a little extra work to take on. This means you have to be extra organized and detailed to maximize your productivity and to be able to pass your work off to your clients in a way that is clear and concise. You don’t want to receive a frantic message from a client asking you a question regarding a project they are unsure of while you are wrapping presents.

Prepare for tax season early.

We all know the end of the year is full of holiday joy, but it also means for us business builders that we need to be wrapping up our yearly taxes. The earlier you start to organize your receipts and income the less you will have to stress about at the end of the year and beginning of the next. Before you close your computer for the year, make sure all of your accounts are in order, and your receipts are ready to categorize come the new year. Trust me; you will thank me!

Whether you want to take a week off or a month, whether it’s for Christmas or a summer vacation, the better we prepare for our time off the better, we can relax during our time off. Plus, your clients probably you know you work hard and have earned it, they just need a little preparation to help them continue to be successful in your absence.

And as always, when you are on your time off, set boundaries! No email, no client texts, no phone calls, etc. Remember, you earned it!

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