Let’s talk about segmenting your audience and, more importantly, why you need to segment your audience IMMEDIATELY

Segmenting your audience is the practice of tagging, categorizing, and/or grouping your audience based on their behaviors, preferences, and/or basic information.

In short, it means being able to group your potential clients based on their likes, needs, and wants. 

So, how does this translate to your email marketing? 

What if you had the ability to send emails to your audience based on their childrens’ ages? What if you could send a personalized email to your client based on the fact that you knew they had interested in a certain style of dance? What if you could easily send different emails to current, past, and potential clients? 

Think of how much more personalized your clients will feel when a mom of a 3 year old stops getting emails that pertain to a 10 year old. Think of how much more understood a dad is going to feel when trying to decide what classes to register his 15 year old for because you send style specific emails based on past enrollment history. Think of how less sales-y an email can sound when you can customize it based on their enrollment status. 

In addition to sending personalized emails, segmenting your audience can easily provide very useful stats regarding the age of the children your email list has, the styles they are interested in, what they are clicking on on your website, what they are clicking on in your emails, and SO MUCH MORE

And you want to know the best part? 

Segmenting your audience is SUPER EASY!! 

There are a lot of ways to do this fully automated and integrated into your website and email marketing platform. That is, I guess I should say, depending upon what platforms you are using (cough, cough… use Convertkit). 

Now that being said, it does take some time and strategic planning and a little bit of tech knowledge. If this sounds a little above your head, SEND ME A MESSAGE, and let’s chat! I can guide you through the basic steps of how to get started. 

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