Weekend Work Tips

In today’s world, not many of us can 100% shut off from work. Even in a typical office job, you are still somewhat connected to work over the weekend. So how, in this ever-connected world, can you enjoy your weekends while still appeasing your clients and keeping your work? Let’s walk through this together.


Boundaries are crucial to maintaining work-life balance over the weekend. You must determine what your limits are and inform your clients of them early and remind them often. Everyone’s definition of boundaries is going to be different, but if you don’t define yours, you will soon be replying to text messages at 8 pm on Saturday night while you’re out to dinner with your family. Don’t let that happen.

Somethings to consider when setting boundaries with your clients:

  • Do you want to work on the weekends?
  • Will you be checking emails on the weekends?
  • Will you respond to emails and text messages on the weekends?
  • What happens if there is an urgent business matter on the weekend?
  • How should clients contact you on the weekend?
  • How will you notify your clients if you are unavailable?

Answering these questions will give you some guidelines to provide your clients. The number one thing to remember with boundaries is that you must enforce them.

Maybe you need to work

When I started my VA work, I had to work on the weekends because I was not full-time and I was working in the pockets in between my full-time job. I would work before work, after work, weekends, and everything in between to get my client work done.

That’s okay!

Another thing to consider is that maybe you WANT to get some work done on the weekends. Weekends are typically slower paced and on less of a schedule. Perfect for completing some leisurely, mindless work tasks. Remember, something you check off your list on the weekend is one less thing you will have to fit into your schedule during the week.

Set yourself up for success during the week

Weekends are the perfect time for preparing yourself physically and mentally for the busy work week ahead of you. Having a weekend routine that sets you up for success is imperative. Somethings that I make sure complete by Sunday night are:

  • Clean up the house, especially my work area
  • Write out my goals for the week
  • Review my schedule for the week. Schedule my workouts, calls, appointments, etc.
  • Make my to-do list for Monday
  • Mentally prepare for a busy Monday morning

Mondays are never fun. But a well thought out Monday following a relaxing, yet productive weekend is so much easier to enjoy than a stressful and chaotic Monday morning. Just taking a few minutes to set yourself up for success on a Sunday can make a world of difference.

Weekends looks different for everyone. Everyone has different priorities and different definitions of what weekends look like to you. That’s what makes being your own boss so fantastic is that you can make weekends whatever you want them to be. Weekends are your time to fill up your cup and set you up for a successful new week, and you can do that however feels best for you.

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