What Type of VA are You?

If you are thinking about becoming a Virtual Assistant or maybe you are already a Virtual Assistant but are looking to expand your client list or possibly find your niche, then this post is for you.

So you probably already know what a Virtual Assistant is, but if not here’s a refresher. A Virtual Assistant (VA) is a freelance, contracted worker that supplies help virtually to a business/entrepreneur. A VA typically has skills that range from data entry and sales calls to high-tech web development to digital marketing. Before I set out to become a VA I had never heard of the term before. I didn’t even know this was a field that existed, let alone that so many businesses out there use VAs.

If you are not familiar with the world of VAs then you may not know that the term Virtual Assistant often gets a bad reputation for being “discount” work.

Why is that?

Because there is a significant portion of the VA industry out there that works in countries such as the Philippines, India, etc, that price themselves at $3-$5 per hour and business coaches in America that encourage entrepreneurs to outsource their work at these low prices. So, in order to stand out, maintain your value, and convince clients to hire YOU over the $3/hr overseas VA, we must be confident in who WE are as VAs.

I read this great statement that said, “Virtual Assistant is not a job title, it’s an industry”.

So what is your job title?

Let’s walk through the options.

  1. Virtual Executive Assistant – Typically a cross between a high level personal assistant and a general administrative assistant for a CEO of a larger, established company. These roles can often be full-time positions and you must be available for your client when needed.
  2. Online Business Manager (OBM) – An OBM is going to play a larger role in the decision making and daily operations of the business. They often require more knowledge and experience within the industry and can act as a virtual COO.
  3. Social Media Manager – Pretty straight forward, in today’s world of social media, outsourcing social media has created an industry for VAs to niche in. SMMs will solely focus on the growth, content, and success of their client’s social media accounts. If you are really good, you can go as far as to niche in one specific platform – Pinterest is a big one for this.
  4. Copywriters & Ghost Writers – Writing and developing content for businesses is a huge market. This can be writing things such as blog posts and newsletters or larger scales lead & sales pages. If you are a skilled writer and have a creative mind, you can make a lot of money in this field.
  5. Finance and Accounting Assistants – If numbers are the name of your game then the accounting field has a huge opportunity for you. Businesses love to outsource their finances because, let’s be real, who actually wants to sit and crunch the numbers on a daily basis.
  6. Real Estate Assistants – This is a very niche focus but the need is great. Realtors are always on the lookout for VAs to assist with their company. Often they are asking for people with experience within the industry, so if that’s you, consider the option.
  7. Web Designer – Are you a techie? Can you code a website with your eyes shut? Then you need to niche yourself as a Virtual Web Designer. Think of the possibilities! And the big dollar signs. Depending on your skill level, people will pay top-dollar for a well-executed website.
  8. Virtual Graphic Designer – Is graphic design, photo editing, and video editing your jam? Are you a Photoshop wizard? Does In Design make your heart flutter? Then you are a Virtual Graphic Designer and can charge the big bucks for everything from logo design, business cards, and marketing materials, to Youtube and photo editing for bloggers and businesses.

I’m going to call my list there, but if you can’t tell the options are endless for what type of Virtual Assistant you can be. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the more you can niche yourself, determine what is it you do and what it is you don’t do, the more ideal clients you will attract and the less work that you don’t enjoy doing you will get.

So what type of VA are you?

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