Why You Need an Email List

As an online service provider, our main source of new leads comes from where else… online. From clients finding you through your social media platforms to directly through your website, clients are being directed to you digitally. They come across your profile, scroll through your photos, maybe generate enough interest to follow, and maybe, just maybe if you’re really lucky, they’ll click through to your website.

Then what?

The potential client clicks through to your social media platform or website, looks around, and leaves never to be reached again?


We can’t let that happen!

So what can you do to prevent the “interest, but not interested enough to press the contact me button” client? Ask them to sign up for your email list!

When a potential client signs up for your email list you get 2 things:

  1. A contact to be able to personally reach out and thank them for their interest and invite them to set up a discovery call. (then follow up again… and again… and again… well, you get the point)
  2. Knowledge about how they discovered you so you can grow and capitalize upon the resources that are bringing interested traffic to you.

With social media being such a large platform in advertising these days, we must remember one important thing. You do not own any of your followers on your social media platforms. If you had 1000 followers on Instagram and tomorrow Instagram shuts down, you would have zero methods to reach out to any of those 1000 followers. Essentially those 1000 “leads” you once had would have disappeared instantly.

But… if you have 1000 followers on Instagram and ask them to subscribe to your email list to stay in touch with you, you now have 100 new contacts to follow up with on a regular basis, regardless of whether Instagram remains open or not. You now own, those 100 contacts.

What’s better 100 contacts you own or 1000 followers that may disappear tomorrow? I’d take the 100 contacts you own any day.

Another great thing about an email list is that you know, with a high percentage of certainty, that those contacts are interested in what you provide.

Think about it… how many times have you subscribed to an email list for something you had no interest in? Probably little, if ever.

Despite the growth in social media marketing, more than 59% of marketers say that email marketing is their largest source of return on investment (ROI). This means more than half of marketers say they get the most money back on the money they invest in email marketing. Now, that’s impressive!

99% of people check their email every day. Wouldn’t rather be in your ideal client’s inbox rather than waiting for them to scroll past your photo on Instagram and take the initiative to reach out?


Best thing about starting email list is it actually doesn’t even have to cost you anything these days to create an email marketing account and start collecting emails in a professional and legal way. With platforms such as MailChimp and Mailerlite, free accounts based on your subscriber numbers are extremely easy to set up and even easier to integrate into your website and/or social media account.

This begs me to ask the question… why aren’t you collecting your potential client’s information?¬†

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